Welcome to Blogza By boboman13, on 11/30/13

Hello everyone, this is the first Blogza post on our blog. Welcome!

First off, an introduction.

Blogza is an open source blogging platform / framework, designed to be not only usable and modifiable by developers but also a working, out of the box blogging software for the less-techy. Everything from viewing to registration to post creation is designed to be a very quick and easy process.

Why use Blogza?

Blogza isn't just "another blogging software". Blogza is a step forward for PHP and MVC projects, and it shows just how versatile and easy one can make a program.

What makes Blogza different?

Blogza was created by someone who wanted to make a difference in how software was written. Just by using the system, any user can immediately feel accustomed to the software immediately. Contrary to many other systems, the Blogza admin panel is the simplest panel ever to hit the market. Other panels have thousands of pages to scroll through, making even the simplest jobs take much more time than they should. With Blogza, however, all requests and jobs are done asynchronously, which means that, simply, this entire post was created without any page reloads.

How easy is it to setup Blogza?

Blogza's installation system is an incredibly easy process. Documentation on the process can be found here. (link to be added)